Our Purpose

We recognize the importance of the role of the church in providing for the spiritual and physical needs of babies and toddlers. First impressions are being formed of the church, of God’s people and of God. We want to make time spent in the nursery a meaningful and positive experience for all children under our care. We adhere to the scriptures with hopes that they will grow as children of God and that we might witness God’s favor in their lives. Jesus grew up from a little baby into an adult, just like us, experiencing God through each life stage until his death.

“The child grew and became strong, filled with wisdom; and the favor of God was upon him.”  -Luke 2:40

Faith Kids Snack Policy

We understand that this is a reversal of a recently implemented policy that prohibited food and drink in the nursery. That policy was an appropriate response for a specific crisis at a specific time. We believe that, with better organization, oversight and structure, we can now allow a time in which children in the nursery can have access to snacks and their own sippy cups, albeit on a limited bases.

Snacks will be given out to children during their time in the nursery. Snacks are age-specific and may include: Cheerios, graham crackers, goldfish crackers, water, or diluted apple juice. Snacks will NOT include anything with nuts.

Please indicate any known food allergies on the child registration for. Allergy will be clearly marked on child’s permanent name tag.

All sippy cups MUST be clearly labeled with the child’s name, and will only be given to the child while he or she is sitting at the snack table. This will allow us to take every precaution to help children avoid drinking out of someone else’s sippy cup.

Faith Presbyterian Church is a Nut-Free Zone

The nut-free policy is put into place because as child care providers we take responsibility for the health and well being of our children, staff, families and visitors.

No person should be placed in a situation and/or environment that may endanger their life, therefore it is Faith’s role to notify and educate staff and parents about the dangers that peanuts and other nut products may inflict on those who suffer from this allergy.

Responsibilities of Staff and Volunteers with regard to FPC’s Nut Policy:

  • Staff and volunteers will be educated on dangers that can be associated with severe nut allergies. Specific information will be provided during volunteer training session.
  • Parents/guardians of children with nut allergies will be asked to inform nursery staff on child’s nursery registration card.
  • Products such as peanut butter, Nutella, nut food bars and any other products that have nuts or peanuts listed in the ingredients will not be allowed within the nursery to prevent allergies arising and to protect any children or staff that may suffer from these allergies.

Allergy Action Plan

Once we are aware of a life threatening food or insect-bite allergy, we will ask parent to fill out an “Allergy Action Plan” form. These will be kept in a binder, and will be on the counter during nursery hours. If an emergency were to arise, immediately follow contact instructions as provided by parents on the form.

If parent is unable to be reached, administer medication (such as an EpiPen or EpiPen Jr.) only if signed permission has been indicated on Allergy Action Plan. Call 911.

Health Policy

We are striving to make the nursery as healthy and safe as possible. In order to accomplish this goal, we have implemented the following health policies. We ask that all caregivers, teachers, church members, and   visitors alike for full cooperation with this important matter.

Children who have had any of the following symptoms  in the previous 24 hours will not be admitted into the nursery:

  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Fever
  • Rash
  • Open Sores
  • Coughing
  • Runny Nose
  • Eye Discharge

If your child develops a fever or other illness symptoms, you will be asked to take your child home.

No medication will be given to any child in the nursery, except that which is required in a medical emergency.

Parents should report allergies to nursery staff.

Nursery must be cleaned at the end of each session in the following manner:

  • disinfect toys, tables, doorknobs, and light switches with bleach-water spray
  • vacuum/mop floor
  • spot clean any spots or “spit ups”

Any child being treated with antibiotics should have received treatment for at least 24 hours before coming to the nursery.

Emergency life-saving medication (such as an EpiPen or Benadryl) will be administered to the child during emergency situation if written permission from parent/guardian is on file.

Child Safety Policy

We are actively striving to keep our church a safe, secure place for all children and families. In order to accomplish this goal, we have implemented the following security procedures. We ask all caregivers, teachers, church members, and visitors alike for full cooperation with this very important matter.

Caregiver Approval and Identification

  • All caregivers must have submitted a Volunteer Application to the Children’s Ministry staff, and must wear a name badge when in the nursery.

Caregiver Procedures

  • Caregivers must never be alone with children.
  • There must be at least two adults present in the nursery at all times.

Diapering and Toileting Procedures

  • Diapers will only be changed by paid nursery staff and those approved by Children’s Ministry staff who have submitted and passed a state background check.
  • If toddlers need to use the bathroom, they will be escorted by the paid nursery staff. There must still be at least two other caregivers remaining in the nursery.
  • Non-latex rubber gloves must be worn while changing all diapers.
  • Diapers must be placed in a Ziplock bag and placed in the garbage.
  • Hands must always be washed after diapering.

Drop-Off and Pick-Up Procedures

  • When dropping child off at the nursery, be sure to sign them in on the sign-in sheet
  • If child is dropped off during Sunday School hour, it is not required that they be picked up between Sunday School and the Worship Service. The nursery will remain open, and parents are encouraged to refrain from visiting the children between Sunday School and the Service, as this may upset some of the children.
  • Children must be signed out on the discharge sheet upon pick-up. Only a parent, guardian or related, authorized adult can pick up a child from the nursery. Children will not be allowed to take their siblings from the nursery.

Toddler Toileting Policy

It is important that all adults serving in the nursery are aware of the procedures associated with toddler toileting, though the policy only affects paid nursery staff and those volunteers who have submitted to and passed background checks, as these are the only individuals who may change diapers and escort children to the bathroom.

Specific procedures are as follows:

  • Nursery Staff are not allowed to use the bathroom while the children are present.
  • Prop the main bathroom door open. No adult is ever to be alone in a closed bathroom with a child at any time.
  • If child is able to complete toileting alone, adult must wait outside of the stall for the child. Assist in hand washing as needed.
  • If child requires help, stall door is to remain open the entire time.

Nursery Volunteers

Basic Function:

  • To engage with the children in the nursery (ages Birth -3 years).
  • Basic supervision of general activities.
  • No diapering or toileting/potty training will be allowed. This will be done by approved staff members of the church nursery.

Responsibilities of the Nursery Volunteers:

  • Submit a Volunteer Application to be kept on file in the church office.
  • Participate in a brief nursery training session.
  • Be aware of posted nursery volunteer schedule.
  • Arrive 15 minutes before start of scheduled time.
  • Wear a nametag while in the nursery at all times.
  • Pray, read, sing, and play with the children.
  • Assist paid nursery staff in clean-up after all children have departed from the nursery. This includes picking up all toys, and disinfecting the surfaces in the nursery according to posted procedures.
  • Leave after the nursery is clean and the children have all gone.

Substitute Policy
Volunteers are responsible to find a substitute if unable to make it to church on the scheduled Sunday.

Teen Volunteers

We welcome teens who are members of Faith to volunteer in the nursery! When a teen is serving in the nursery, they will be given less responsibility than adult volunteers.

Responsibilities of Teen Nursery Volunteers:

  • Complete Teen Volunteer Application, which will be kept on file. If under the age of 18, must have parent or legal guardian sign the application. This grants permission for teen to volunteer in nursery periodically.
  • Participate in a brief nursery training session.
  • Be aware of posted nursery volunteer schedule.
  • Arrive 15 minutes prior to start of scheduled time.
  • Only one (1) teen is to serve in the nursery at any given time.
  • Teen volunteers must wear a nametag at all times while in the nursery.

Substitute Policy
Volunteers are responsible to find a substitute if unable to make it to church on the scheduled Sunday.